With Valai.Net you have a number of advantages. Let us list a few of them

Vendor Stability

We do only hosting and we have been doing it profitably for 11 years. We have zero-debt and a stable team of 7 techs. We have survived two global recessions and come out on top. In short we are here to stay. The Internet is a volatile place and you need a rock solid provider to offset volatility.

Fully Owned by us

We own our racks in the Quadranet datacenter and we fully own all our server hardware. We are not resellers of any host or ISP. We do not outsource our server administration or customer support.

Uptime Record

We have an actual uptime record of 99.95% year-on-year for the past 11 years.

We host and manage more than 30 servers and 7000+ websites across varied timezones. Checkout our hosting plans and contact us today for an unforgettable hosting experience.